Hardwood Lumber Yard in Buffalo, NY

Mosher Lumber offers the finest selection of hardwoods available for a wide range of home improvement projects, such as paneling, cabinets, millwork, doors, and a range of other architectural accents. Rest assured that the staff at Mosher Lumber is among the best in the business, so you are sure to find the right wood for your project.
Hardwood Buffalo, NY
 Lumber Yard Buffalo, NY

What are you working on?

Are you completing your own project or is a contractor doing the work? With either case, ensure you’re getting the best hardwood accents in your home with the help of Mosher Lumber. We have many types of hardwood, the perfect element to add a touch of sophistication to your home. Or, if your tastes are more rustic, we’ll have the hardwood materials for that, as well. Whether you want a natural or finished look, we have it all.

Think of how beautiful a solid wood door would look on the front of your house or how classy hardwood molding would look throughout  your home. Stop by or call us today to see how we can help. 
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